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Voicemod - Control API - Documentation

Control Voicemod App from your own application

Welcome to the Control API documentation for Voicemod!
This documentation is intended to provide developers with everything they need to know to integrate Voicemod's powerful voice changing and modulation features into their own applications. With the Control API, developers can add real-time voice effects, modify the user's voice during recordings, and create engaging user experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Easy to Use

The Control API provides a simple, yet, powerful interface for you to interact with and use the Voicemod application however you want.

Real-time voice changer

The Control API allows you to change and customize your voice in real time. Integrate that into your own application to react to events and adjust your user's voice accordingly.

Cross platform support

Use any technology you want to interact with our Control API. Are you building using Unity? JavaScript? C/C++? Java? We support them all!